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Comments by Chef Paul Delios

Minted Pea Purée Crostini
Lobster Manouri Crostini
Oven-Roasted Tomatoes Crostini

CrostiniWe started our journey with Crostinis of fresh local ingredients, which we purchased in the open air market, the fresh mint, sweet peas and local butter for the puree and local Mitzithra cheese. The tomatoes, garlic and rosemary from the garden, were another easy choice. We roasted them and top each with local olives & grated Manouri cheese. The Lobster & Manouri were an easy choice because of the fresh herbs we got at the market, dill, green onions and Parsley, as well as the freshly caught lobster and great Manouri.

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Seafood Plaki Ceviche

Seafood Plaki CevicheTakes the best local seafood and all the common ingredients that one would use in Plaki across Greece, given the different climatic conditions; such as when I was in the North of Greece I notice that the Plaki was a bit spicier than it was on the islands. So I decided to bring it all together, but using the Mexican preparation of cooking raw fish in lemon juice which is not only delicious but is saving energy too!
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Green apple and fennel salad

Well, everyone that visits Greece, know about Horiatiki salad or cabbage & carrots or lettuce salad. My goal was to take green apples & fennel which are very common in Greece and create a different salad, dressed without olive oil, only lemon & orange juice, honey and mustard to create sensory experience for the mouth. Just ask Nikolas!!!

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Cretan-style Pork Tenderloin with...

Cretan-style PorkFor this, Nick and I went to the local butcher and he saved us the right amount of those tender pieces of locally raised pork. I like to use flavors that remind me of Crete. For this I use thyme, old spice, coriander, garlic, salt & pepper and then grill the meat over hardwood charcoal. Fresh figs, Cretan raisins, walnuts, Cretan honey, lemons and the sensational “Amethystos” wine from Lazaridis winery, all make up the sauce to accompany the pork.

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…Potato Gratin and…

Locally grown potatoes (from the famous area of Messara) were tossed with Graviera cheese, cream and wild thyme.

…Wilted local Greens

Nick & I, were walking the open air market, chatting it up with the farmers about what green were fresh at that time of the year, when we saw excellent, locally grown spinach, so our decision was made instantly… Wilted spinach, dressed in lemon, garlic, chilly flakes and great extra virgin Cretan olive oil.


Baked Peaches

Baked Peaches I love this!!! It is very simple to make and just cries out… Summer!!!

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Menu & Recipes
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