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1. It was a great night, at a great place! Thank u for the x-perience!

Lazaros & Liuba Mallis
Sales Manager & Guest Relations, elounda s.a. HOTELS & RESORTS

2. The mystic of the natural bay of Elounda, came in total harmony with the unique inspiration of our Chef. Thank you for a unique evening that it will be difficult to forget. I also thank you for broadening my culinary horizons.

George Arndt
Owner of Airquest Travel Services

3. Paul & Jean,
It was an honor of mine to meet you and taste your full of surprises food… Hope to see you again and… be again our chef please!!!

Minas Liapakis
Owner EyeWide eServices - Hotel Internet Marketing

4. A great honor, that I participated with this beautiful company, in this stunning accommodation. One of the most beautiful evenings of this summer. The gastronomic experience, unique… all these new dishes prepared from fresh Cretan products, a revelation! Congratulations to everybody, and especially to Paul, our Chef, for his imagination and his love for Greece. Keep up the good work…

John Liapakis
Plastic Surgeon – Owner of Opsis Clinical

5. Amazing  evening.
The serenity, the panoramic view, the hospitality and simplicity of the hosts was breath taking. Even the little breeze stopped, respecting the beauty of the evening. Paul’s dishes, fantastic! Clean, intensed,  aggressive, unforgettable.

Theodor, Katerina, I wish your beautiful villas to become widely renowned and flourish. Thank you for your hospitality and the unique evening I had with you.

Pandelis Sotiriadis

6. The Place:
Magnificent View and fantastic environment for the privileged.

The Company:
New and fantastic. Common perceptions, images, uniquely accompanied by many common interests.

Gastronomy in its Greek American version. The great chef Paul impressed us. Local ingredients in an original and interesting “mutation”. With all the above, I wonder:

What more than that did Zeus have in Olympus?

I would like to thank all, the organizers and participants for this unforgettable evening.

Nikos Sotiriadis

7. A gorgeous evening, amazingly gastronomical, with two fantastic hosts. 
Theodor, Katerina, I wish you ongoing success and a fruitful path for all of your ventures. They deserve it!

Irini Loukaki
Nurse at the Regional hospital of Agios Nikolaos

8. Beautiful night in an exquisite environment with great company, interesting discussions, tasty wine and different tastes. A gastronomy other than we are used to. I wish you to be always successful, in everything you try, filled with health & happiness.

Manolis Makrakis
Headmaster in Elounda’s elementary school

9. Thank you for the great evening I ‘ve spent with a great company & delicious food. I feel like running home, see all the recipes from “At the Greek Table” and start cooking for friends & family.

I wish you all the best!

Elena Maznichenko
Sales Manager at Mirum Development

10. Delicious evening.

Thank you!

George Augoustinatos
Photographer - Owner of August Studios – Visual Eyes

11. This evening tonight was a surprise to me.  When I decided to come to Elounda from Athens, I did not know what to expect. The surprise was fantastic from every aspect. The creativity of the Chef… what can I say, everything was exceptional. Every dish was unique, stunning. Of course the company was too.

Katerina Kostogiannou

12. How can it be, that common, everyday ingredients from the Greek cuisine, can be transformed via the proper way to a culinary delight? Only Chef Paul “Delicious” Delios can achieve that.

We thank him for that.

P.S. Nikolas as well, for setting up all this today!

Theodor Stambouloglou
Owner of Ioniki Domiki Constructions & Elounda Solfez Villas

13. I enjoyed staying at the villas, the view was beautiful and I enjoyed the outdoor space. The villa was comfortable to stay in. It was a great experience prepping for the dinner because it showed me how much happens behind the scene, when planning an event.

Because my aunt & uncle have a large kitchen and a lot of equipment, it was interesting to work with less and still accomplish the task. Thank you to Nick for his help and hospitality.

Lauren Ingegneri

14. I have never been outside the U.S.A.. Greece is amazing. It was beautiful to experience my heritage and where my family comes from. This trip was long overdue. Being able to come to Crete has been an incredible time. The villa had the most amazing view. The stress of work and life disappeared as soon as I got to relax and overlook the ocean. Our dinner was amazing. It was so nice to have everyone sit down together and enjoy what we had prepared. I enjoyed the fact that we could open our bedroom doors and sleep peacefully with the breeze coming through. Life here is so much more enjoyable. This is how life should be always! Unfortunately in one week back to reality!! Thank you for everything! Love!

Andrea Delios
Medical Assistant at Havard Vanguard

15. Let me begin by expressing my sincere thanks to Nikolas and our hosts and everyone involved, it was magical! Our family has enjoyed the “Philoxenia” (hospitality) of Elounda Solfez Villas and its community. We had the unique opportunity to live the Cretan life in all of its richness. We created food from the Earth and tantalized our guests with Chef Paul Delios’ interpretation of all that is Hellenic!

We also played and swam in your beautiful ocean. We laughed, we talked, we relaxed, we indulged and found ourselves so close to our Hellenic family. What is more important in life, than sunny beautiful moments with family and friends in such a beautiful setting  with so many wonderful people? We will always remember our time here and it will bring a smile to our faces.

Peace, Love and Blessings

Jean Delios

16. We arrived at Elounda about 2pm and the view was breathtaking. We unpacked and jumped into the pool… Wow!

The next day I enjoyed the open air market and cooking at the villas for a culinary summit and provide all the attendees with my version of contemporary Greek Cuisine.

The next day, Nick and I, had some great talks about life, the villas and everything in general.

We hope this is the beginning of a long friendship.

I had a wonderful time!

Paul Delios
Executive Chef


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